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Welcome to my Guardians page. I've spent years building up the content, and now I'm finally getting around to sprucing up the look of the site. I'm inserting more graphics, and I have more Javascript running behind the scenes.

What's new?

Tuesday, February 2, 2004

I hadn't planned on going BLOG, but with all the updates that I have made lately, I might as well give it a shot. Keep in mind: I won't always have the time to update all these pages, so the updates may start happening less frequently.

First of all, I promised to make the announcement that CCG Workshop is developing an online Guardians game. However, if you go over there, it is not in Beta-test mode yet. It'll be some time.

Second, I have some news about The Seven Seas expansion. I have received a CD-ROM from J.C. Prunet containing dozens of images for cards for this fan-based expansion. I hope to have some of these pictures uploaded soon. I have to clear some space off my website, but I'll put a few up there.

Next, I have printouts from Phil, the Bar Fly of some of the Events cards that I authored some time back. They look great. I believe Phil has most of these images on his website. I may have to steal a few to put on this site.

On The Website

This round of updates includes changes on my Gargoyles and Dwarves pages, both of which have links on the Homebrew Cards page. Also updated is the Seven Seas page, which, hopefully, will get more updates over the next few weeks. Finally, if you check out the Puns and In-jokes page, there are some additions for Drifters Nexus and the Limited/Revised Edition.

What's new on my page? Just a look at the menu on the left will show you. (And I got rid of the frames. I just didn't like them. If you did, let me know.) Even newer than the menu to the right is the fact that I got rid of quite a few of the menu options. A few of them shouldn't have had direct links because they were just articles that weren't going to ever change. Most of those links are now under Homebrew cards or Misc. Postings & Random Silliness.

What's new in Guardians?

Officially, nothing. It's still dead. However, the game was recently released in Hungary, and that has spurred interest in the game on the Yahoo mailing list. (And I've been getting extra mail as well.)

I've heard that the cards aren't on the greatest cardstock and that there are some translation problems (which isn't really anything new), but it was printed.

Why Guardians? Who knows. Someone saw a market for a card game. Perhaps the rights were cheap enough. Perhaps the artwork was thought to be a good draw. I'm just happy that somewhere in the world the game is being produced.

What else is new? Check out The Seven Seas.

What is "Guardians"?
If you haven't played or haven't seen Guardians before, here is an overview of the card game and a sample combat. I dug it up from the old archives of

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